Manufacturing Processes & Capabilities

Lota has a superior finishing center focused on producing many distinct finishes. Our finishing capacity exceeds 200,000 pieces per day. Our Plastics Auto-Plating Line is state of the art and provides ideal process control for plastic components requiring plating.

We have over 35 finishes currently in production and we specialize in popular and specialty finishes such as:

• Polished Chrome
• Brushed Nickel
• Polished Nickel
• Stainless Steel
• Oil Rubbed Bronze
• Distressed
• Weathered
• Aged styles

For over 15 years we have been experts in PVD technology. We have 17 PVD chambers designed and built by Lota. PVD (physical vapor deposition) is a high-quality finish that produces an anti-scratch / anti-tarnish surface for many of today’s popular finishes.

Lota extensively tests our finishes beyond industry requirements to ensure we are the premier finishing supplier in the world for decorative plumbing products.